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Who is OceanGrip?

OceanGrip has served the marine industry for many years. Providing unparalleled quality, OceanGrip is dedicated to giving those who love the water the safest and most secure experience on the water.

With your passion for the water in mind, OceanGrip is committed to providing only the best service, custom fits and highest quality products available. We are so confident that you’ll love OceanGrip, we guarantee your satisfaction. 

OceanGrip works with many of the leading boat manufacturers around the world. Quality, innovation and a commitment to constant improvement have made us a valuable asset to our OEMs. Our unique products and features help set their boats apart from competitors and our in-house manufacturing capabilities, flexibility and efficiently in a demanding work environment means your company can count on us to get the job done.

If you have a project you would like us to quote, need material samples or would like to speak to an OEM sales representative please fill out this short online form and we will get back to you right away.

What is OceanGrip?

OceanGrip is an acrylic-based, pressure sensitive, peel and stick, marine traction product, developed in conjunction with 3M. Different to other marine traction products on the market, OceanGrip prides itself in providing USA made, non-absorbent, UV-protected products constructed from Ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) foam, a product known for its durability, stress resistance, and waterproof properties. Innovative features of OceanGrip products also include a dimpled surface which aids in maintaining a non-slip surface when the traction product becomes wet.

Additional applications for OceanGrip may include Rod protection under gunnels, Helm Pads, Platform decks, Surfboards, Kayaks and paddle boards. In fact, OceanGrip is appropriate in any area in which you desire traction, comfort, and a soft ride. Protection to boat surfaces, chip resistance and a reduction of hull noise, are all other reasons why you should choose OceanGrip.

OceanGrip is easy to install and requires no mounting or hardware due to its peel and stick nature. It is easy to clean and stain resistant, and can also be custom fitted to most aquatic applications. To assure accuracy in fitting, OceanGrip is able to send a technician to your home or boat dock. A custom design of your traction pad (s) is completed utilizing the most updated and current design software and then sent to our State of the Art Computer Numerical Control (CNC), for a precision cut that will ensure your OceanGrip fits like a glove.

Why should you choose OceanGrip?

When it comes to providing a non-skid deck for their watercraft, boat owners and operators have multiple options available to them. However, when choosing OceanGrip non-skid marine traction products, the difference becomes clear; Unique, durable, attractive, and comfortable surfaces for your vessel. Made in the USA from special non-absorbent foam that is UV protected, it gives you long lasting protection that is scratch, chip, and dent resistant, and will set your vessel apart from the rest.

With the increased traction from OceanGrip non-skid decks, you will have a safer boating and water experience, especially for activities such as fishing, water sports, and diving. Concentrate on having fun, not on getting from one side of the boat to the other!

OceanGrip is for all water activities!

OceanGrip partnered with 3M to produce a top of the line, marine-grade, pressure-sensitive adhesive, which allows OceanGrip to be installed easily. Simply peel, place, and stick in the area you desire to have protection on your watercraft.

Highly durable, visually appealing, and shock absorbent, OceanGrip’s pads provide safe traction for any water vessel, whether you pilot a luxury yacht or a personal watercraft. With the ease of installation and customizable non-skid pads from OceanGrip, you will find a use for them on any and all watercraft you own, from commercial and personal fishing boats, airboats, ski boats, houseboats, scuba outfitters, personal watercraft, platforms, and even your boat dock steps.

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We understand that OceanGrip is a fun project to customize and we offer a lot of different ways to add OceanGrip to your life! The pricing depends on patterns, logos and a few other things. Please feel free to give us a call and we can walk you through your questions!